How much time would you save if you could pull a read-only PDF into Microsoft Word – for immediate editing, or make thousands of scanned documents searchable?

Quickly and accurately convert your documents

With Konica Minolta’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, you can introduce your people to a whole new world of working. OCR technology has come a long way since it was first introduced. Today, it is a highly sophisticated business solution that is revolutionising industry – thanks to its ability to convert the most complex of documents with speed and accuracy. It is currently being used by a vast range of organisations,- from large financial institutions, to government departments, schools and research organisations. It means that documents can be converted into a new format – but will look exactly like the original, with text, tables and graphs precisely reformatted. Even text embedded in digital photos can be converted.

Konica Minolta’s OCR software solutions can help your business replace inconvenient and time-consuming paper-based procedures with streamlined and highly efficient electronic workflows.


Our OCR services can help your business:

Save time and increase productivity

Batch scanning has rapidly become indispensable for users who deal with large volumes of files – such as accounts department. Batch scanning can save many hours of manual processing, with large volumes of documents now scanned automatically in one go. Files are then indexed into ‘digital filing cabinets’ for fast and easy reference.

Turn read-only files to editable text

Administrators can save valuable time by using an OCR solution that magically pulls read-only text from a PDF file, and incorporating it into another document. For instance, a school can pull out an extract from a read-only education policy and incorporate it into a parent newsletter.

Turn text to speech

Listen to your documents in the car or on the train. Advanced text-to-speech technology  can turn any document into a natural sounding audio file for burning to CD or transferring to your mobile device.

Translate foreign languages

Konica Minolta can also provide OCR solutions that provide unique language recognition capabilities which convert documents from more than 180 foreign languages and 110 languages for Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR).

Decipher questionnaires

The power of OCR technology is dramatically changing many other industries that utilise templates or fixed forms that need deciphering – such as questionnaires, surveys and tests.