Have the freedom to print documents from the palm of your hand

Mobile printing is now a reality

With the rapid proliferation of mobile devices, it’s essential that your print assets keep pace. It’s estimated that today, there are more than 187 million mobile workers worldwide using smart devices, and this is expected to double to 397 million in the coming year1. With this acceleration, there’s an urgent demand for mobile printing solutions.

Mobile printing can give your business incredible freedom – enabling you to get jobs done wherever you are, speed up approval processes, or print business-critical material, wherever and whenever you need to.

For instance, schools and universities could provide mobile printing solutions for students and staff using their existing printer network via their smart devices. The print job is simply released once the user has swiped their card or entered their PIN code.

Alternatively, documents can be printed directly from a smart device using Konica Minolta’s own mobile applications – which are available for both iOS and Android users.

Mobile printing is certainly the way of the future and Konica Minolta offers innovative solutions that allow you to print from wherever you are.


Our mobile printing solutions can help your business:

Enjoy greater convenience  with mobile printing

Konica Minolta’s mobile printing solutions will allow your people to print documents, photos and web pages, over a wireless network from a mobile device. Smart phones, tablets or any mobile device can be connected to a networked printer anywhere they need to at any time. Employees can browse, read and instruct printing of documents, images and scanned data, from anywhere within the wireless network range.

Work more productively

Mobile printing can increase productivity and save valuable time by not having to wait to transfer files or fire up a computer in order to print. It is ideal for office workers and employees who frequently travel for business, don’t work regularly on site or work part time from a home office.

Save time

Within the office environment, mobile printing solutions for workers travelling between floors or departments can be easily addressed by leveraging a ‘pull printing’ solution that allows a user to print a document from one location and collect it from another. This solution is ideal for large organisations where an administrative assistant may be asked to print an urgent document for a supervisor who is attending a meeting in another part of the building.

PageScope Mobile App 
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